Virtual engagement is here to stay.

Building a digital and omnichannel promotion and relational model with healthcare professionals, the challenge of the pharmaceutical industry to remain relevant during COVID-19 and beyond.

Rebuilder is a road map towards building and optimizing a new type of relationship with healthcare professionals.

A 4-6*-week process formulated by IDE360 that combines strategy, creativity, and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to address the healthcare professional's new opportunities, needs, and situation.

  • Strategies for developing an HCP Portal from scratch
  • Strategies for optimizing an existing HCP portal
  • Remote Detailed Strategies
  • Webinar Best Practices
  • DB qualification
  • Message customization according to the degree of commitment to the brand.
*The duration of the project will depend on the availability of information and the need to conduct market research.

Process (4-6 weeks)


Internal Analysis

Establishing the starting point for the experience and expectations of the work team, based on reviewing strategic objectives, the digital assets and experiences available, and the results of existing initiatives.

Methodology: meetings, questionnaires and/or interviews with key team members.


Needs of healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, chemists)

Assessment of the needs of healthcare professionals, identification of profiles and behaviour patterns "customer personas" and "customer journeys," most relevant content, promotion channels. Assessment of own existing initiatives.

Methodology: market research, analysis of information already available


Benchmark of the sector

Identification of Best Practices within the pharmaceutical industry and opportunities to build a discernible value proposition.

Methodology: market research

The healthcare professional's new behaviour has the potential to redefine:

How marketing initiatives are developed

How we create content

The role of customer-facing teams

The promotional model

How we measure success

87% of doctors are committed to a completely virtual or hybrid relationship model with the pharmaceutical industry, even after the COVID-19 crisis is over.


COVID-19 has accelerated Digital Transformation and Communication.

Source: ghts%20-%20Impact%20on%20Clinicians.pdf

Share of voice is a computation of digital and face-to-face interactions, and we must build hybrid promotion models.

Download: Guide to making the most of your webinars.

It's not only time to transform the current communication model with the HCP, but also to speed up this process. It's time for Pharma to reinvent its relevance.


Let’s Be Relevant Together.

IDE360 is a consulting and marketing agency specializing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, located in Barcelona. A healthy brand is a relevant brand.