Online advertising and SEO

Reach your audience to enhance your visibility and improve your results

The sales force does not reach health professionals or patients/consumers with the desired coverage and frequency. The industry has to add channels to communicate its messages to as many people as possible. Investing in digital media (online advertising, paid social, SEO) lets you send the right message to the right person at the right time, depending on the stage (exploration, consideration, selection, recommendation) they are in.

Health professionals, pharmacists, patients, consumers

Online advertising and SEO, from strategy to action



Are you looking to maximise the scope of your messages? Do you need to direct traffic to your website? Do you want to expand the database of professionals or learn their opinion of specific topics? First, we are going to understand your objective and research the audience you want to reach to make sure that the strategy we develop is the strategy you need.



We identify and segment your audience based on demographic factors, commitment to your brand, intention to buy or personal interests. With this information, we develop a media plan with messages for each target and we select the digital channels with the coverage and frequency you need to achieve your business objectives.



Now that the messages are segmented with valuable information on each target, we develop the creative concept and we apply it to every channel defined in the media plan. Paid social (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), online advertising in specialised media or medical associations, SEO. We are where your customers are.



We measure the results of online and paid social advertising campaigns to find out if the messages work and make adjustments in real time as needed. Each action turns into information that helps us get to know your audience better so we can advance towards your objective with each new initiative.

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