Programme for patients

Putting the patient at the centre
of their health and well-being

We deal with people. To respond to market expectations and remain competitive, the pharmaceutical industry has to launch long-term strategies focused on the patient. It is critical to develop initiatives that empathise with every stage of the patient journey to offer an experience that relies on deeds to show your commitment to their health and well-being.


Your programme for patients,
from strategy to action



We gather the available information and we rely on research to find out how the patient lives with the disease, what the needs of the professionals treating them are, the contact points and the initiatives already in place. From here, we define the patient journey, the sequence of actions the patient carries out, from the time the symptoms are identified to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of their disease.



We use the patient journey to walk in your patient’s shoes and thus understand and identify pain points and the opportunities we can leverage to offer them a better experience. And we design an omnichannel strategy with initiatives that respond to their needs, without losing sight of your business objectives.



We launch omnichannel initiatives with content that engages with your audience: awareness campaigns, adherence programmes, monitoring and training programmes that put the user in charge of their own health. We have expert editorial committees with which we make videos, podcasts, dedicated websites, social media platforms or loyalty programmes via automated email marketing.



We measure the participation and results of the actions we carry out based on the metrics we define in the strategic proposal. And we take better decisions as we learn more about your users and the impact of our initiatives.

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