Social media

Build relationships and enhance your brand's visibility

Social media is the right channel to humanise your brand and engage with your audience, be they consumers, patients or health professionals. Through it, you can share the purpose and values of your brand, communicate valuable information on your products and services and find out what the public and your audience think about your brand.

Health professionals, pharmacists, patients, consumers

Your social media,
from strategy to action



We start with an online landscape analysis to learn from the market, the competition and your customers and users. Specifically, we want to know more about the relationship they have with your brand, what channels they use and what content they want to receive. We check the laws on advertising pharmaceutical products in the country we are going to operate in to make sure we always do everything by the book.



We choose the social media platforms used by your audience taking into account the restrictions on advertising medicines and medical devices. We develop a communication plan and a timeline with contents on health, diseases, prevention and well-being. Because we believe that the pharmaceutical industry has a duty to educate customers not only about its products, but also about preventing and treating the diseases they suffer.



We publish posts with audiovisual content and infographics. We manage the day-to-day running of your social media accounts, we process and respond to the questions and comments from your followers. The goal is increase and connect with your followers by building a relationship of mutual trust with a human touch.



Audience growth rate, scope of the publication, social share of voice (SSoV), average interaction rate and vitality rate. Social media give us real-time data that lets us learn more about our audience in each new publication.

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