Video engage

Interact face to face with your audience and establish meaningful relationships

Now more than ever, video is one of the most effective means of communication. It grabs your audience’s attention and helps you communicate personalised content quickly. But what if you could establish conversations by leveraging the potential of video?

Health professionals, pharmacists, patients, consumers

Your audiovisual content,
from strategy to action



The first thing is to know what you want to achieve. Launch an initiative, gather feedback, send an invitation to an event, activate sales or present promotions? Video engage also helps you share content in your cycle meetings and in the training you offer to your customers and to your team of collaborators.



Video Engage will help you build a relationship of solid and lasting trust with your customers by establishing meaningful, two-way conversations that take advantage of everything that is good about face-to-face communications.



We write the script and design the storyboard with the questions and calls to action that encourage your users to get involved. We record and edit the video, we programme it and share it on the website, social media, Inbound Marketing or WhatsApp.



We measure the satisfaction of your users via NPS, we collect their answers via text, audio or video or we get to know them better using multiple choice questions. All the information we collect will help you to further advance your strategic objectives.

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