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Developing links
in the post-COVID era

87% of doctors prefer virtual or hybrid models to engage with the pharmaceutical industry.* As the way in which customer facing-roles access healthcare professionals changes, it becomes necessary to build omnichannel relationship and promotional strategies that meet your needs. And portals with specialised information, resources and updated science news are a key channel in this new reality.

Health professionals, pharmacists, patients, consumers

Your portal for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, from strategy to action



We analyse your business based on your strategic objectives, assets and digital experience through meetings, questionnaires and interviews with members of your team. We identify the profiles and behaviour of your audience and the best and most innovative practices in the industry through market research techniques to launch a portal with a unique and customised value proposition.



We lay out the road map for your omnichannel strategy to build and improve your relationship with doctors, nurses and/or pharmacists. We define how to develop and promote your website, content and initiatives, we specify the role of customer-facing teams and we deliver a model with metrics and indicators to measure the success of your plan.



We develop, design and set up a website that is worthy of your brand, that offers a unique digital experience to your users with interactive content and features that satisfy their needs, and yours:). We help you promote it and direct traffic to the website with inbound marketing and online advertising campaigns.



Visits, bounce rate and average time, conversions, followers, interaction, participation, content download and visualisation… We measure once, twice and then again.

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