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Define my new meeting model: hybrid, face-to-face or virtual

Qualify my customers in the online environment

IDE360 is your “one-stop” marketing partner for designing experiences that connect and support healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers and accompanying you throughout your brand development journey.

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Our capabilities:

Marketing Consultancy –
We solve the challenges of the complexity of the current market.

User knowledge

Customer personas and customer journeys, based on available information, as well as online and offline market research: online landscape analysis, in-depth interviews and focus groups.

User recruitment and qualification

User leads strategies, progressive affinity rating with the brand and with the channel. Message customisation.

Road map for digital acceleration

For brands and businesses who are starting out, or for those who already have a digital ecosystem and omnichannel, we define a “customer-centric roadmap” which allows the development of channels and content, explores and guides the right technology for each case and defines their dissemination and promotion.

Creative and Digital/Omnichannel Agency –
We develop relevant creative strategies in a digital world.

Strategic and creative approach.

We create strategic plans that put the customer at the centre.
Pre or post-launch or at any stage of the product life cycle.
Definition of opportunity, positioning messages.
Development of creative strategy.
Segmentation and message personalisation.
Verbal and graphic identity.

Definition and development of channels and content

Application of strategy and creativity on the website, social media, loyalty programmes, webinars, gamification, ad-hoc programmes, medical content.

Definition and development of promotional plans

Online Media planning: SEM, Paid Social, Native Ads, Programmatic, Online Video.
Email marketing.

Technology Empowered –
We use technology as a lever to achieve the agility and quality that the customer expects

Hybrid model of medical meetings

Use of video and virtual conferencing to offer content available to the client as needed, ensuring quality through the use of pre-recorded video alongside the authenticity of live recording.

Customer journeys applied to marketing automation

Message automation according to user behaviour.
Inclusion of surveys, chatbots, etc.

Solution integration

Obtaining and managing leads.
Creation of conversion models linked to impact campaigns.
Tool integration to provide a unique customer experience.

Measuring Success –
We establish and follow KPIs for the continuous improvement of the projects we carry out.

Insights from analytics

Social media.
Email automation.
Loyalty / gamification programmes / platforms.
Data from surveys.
NPS consulting and implementation.

Development of conversion funnels

Using the data from the digital ecosystem of each brand, We design the conversion funnel to learn and optimise the channels and contents for greater conversion.

of customer journeys

Using customer knowledge data, adjustments and optimisation of Customer Personas and Customer Journeys by monitoring the results by phase and contributing to the improvement of the investment.

All this is possible thanks to our multidisciplinary team and our experience in the market.

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